22nd May 2019

Customer Experience Market-Leader FACE2FACE Unveils Exciting New Brand Identity

Leading luxury retail training consultancy FACE2FACE has today revealed a fresh new brand identity. The rebranding gives a new, exciting look to the company’s industry-defining premium brand experiences.

FACE2FACE’s renewed visual identity features a modern new logo, contrasting colors, elegant typeface and online domain rebranding. The rebranding more closely connects the FACE2FACE brand with the identity of its parent group, the Customer Experience Group (CXG).

CXG is a five-agency alliance between Wisely Insights, Activate Experience, Albatross CX, SmartCX and FACE2FACE. Together, the agencies empower premium and luxury brands to elevate customer experience, transforming transactional moments into relationships and emotional experiences.

FACE2FACE co-founder and Executive Director Fabrice Tavel-Besson said the rebranding truly captures the essence of the agency and its work in the luxury industry. “We’re incredibly excited to unveil our new brand identity,” Mr. Tavel-Besson said. “There are few industries where branding is as important and impactful as the luxury industry. We know this isn’t exclusive to the brands we work with; it also applies to us as an industry-leading luxury retail agency.

“For the past nine years, FACE2FACE has helped the world’s biggest luxury brands develop exceptional customer experiences. Our rebranding builds on this legacy. Just as we have for almost a decade, we’ll continue to deliver an expansive suite of coaching and training to luxury and premium brands, and our new branding will complement our work.”

CEO of Customer Experience Group Christophe Caïs said the rebranding strengthens the connection between FACE2FACE and CXG. “The synergy between each agency that’s a part of the Customer Experience Group is what underpins our success,” Mr. Caïs said. This crosses everything we do, from our client work, the way our teams work together and, critically, via our company-wide branding.

FACE2FACE is entrenched as a highly recognized brand in the luxury customer experience industry. Since joining the Customer Experience Group in 2017 – and for many years before that – its consultancy work has been sought out by the world’s major premium and luxury brands. This rebranding will help further cement FACE2FACE as a brand that the world’s top luxury retailers identify with and trust.

Central to FACE2FACE’s rebrand is the agency’s new logo which more deeply expresses the company’s character and identity as a key agency for luxury brand training and coaching. The company will also shift its online presence to www.facetofacexeperience.com.

FACE2FACE helps premium and luxury brands elevate customer experience through retail training, coaching and consulting. The agency is active in nine countries and works with more than 70 of the world’s most renowned premium brands.