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FACE2FACE is the leader in today’s luxury retail training, coaching and consulting. We help premium and luxury brands elevate customer experience through:

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    Store Health Audit
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    Digital Solution Design
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Luxury Brands

FACE2FACE is a proud member of the Customer Experience Group (CXG). We help brands reach profitable growth by turning transactional moments into relationships and emotional experiences

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Our radically different retail approach makes extraordinary our ordinary.

  • We have a team of CX experts providing the best consultancy for the luxury industry.
  • We create bespoke front line training programs that help build relationships.
  • Our Luxury Sales Coaching and Training stimulate positive conversations.
  • We developed an innovative mobile app that drive profitable business growth.
  • A loyal customer starts with a dedicated front line team.
  • We train skillsets that build meaningful relationships between teams and customers.
  • We look deeply inside your business to understand your needs and how to make it happen.
  • We design and embed the right learning experience, helping brands elevate customer experience.